Mechatronik Solar Systems



When it comes to commercial solar Rooftop installation in India, Mechatronik Solar takes the lead with its technocrat solutions. First things, it is important for business owners to understand the importance of shifting to a solar panel option. Of course, the big advantage that most of you are sure to be aware of is the ability of solar to be eco-friendly. Since you are using the sun’s rays, it actually means that you are not exhausting any of the non-renewable sources of energy.

However, this is not the only gain. The reason why the concept of a commercial solar park and solar rooftop in India is gaining so much popularity is because it offers endless opportunities to earn better profits, here is how:

With the installation of solar panels, you are able to generate more electricity! So, with the grid tied solar rooftop, you can reduce your electricity bills. Investment in Solar Rooftop system makes your deal very profitable with long term returns. Bigger opportunities are coming up with higher profits!

At Mechatronik Solar, we use a three step approach to implement solar rooftop solutions for our clients. This includes:

  • Site visit & Survey: A comprehensive analysis that weighs the pros and cons of the location, focusing on understanding the best type of installation possible.
  • Techno-Commercial Proposal: Preparing an approximate cost sheet to give the client an idea about the expenditure to be expected.
  • Accurate Installation: Customised panels are then installed in a phased out manner for best possible effectiveness.
  • Multi- PERC technology with high efficiency.
  • Excellent low light & long wavelength.
  • Highest area efficiency in it’s class
  • Resistant to PID (85 Degrees Centigrade, Humidity , 168 Hours @ – 1000V)
  • 27 years of linear performance warranty
  • Also available in black