Mechatronik Solar Systems



Solar system, especially solar PV can be set up on Industrial buildings for lighting, AC,Machine Load and other usage. This helps business move away from relying solely on central power plants and dramatically reduce grid electricity use and electricity bills.

For most industrial buildings, rooftop solar technology is the clear choice as most other renewable energies aren’t quite ready for prime time in the small-installation. They thrive in large megawatt-sized developments. Solar can be a solution almost everywhere.

Large, flat, relatively empty roofs top most industrial facilities and warehouses, creating a solar-energy system’s version of prime real estate. Low-slope industrial rooftops cover approximately 13-billion sq. yd. worldwide, enough to generate more than 800 gigawatts of electricity. These flat and often easily accessible rooftops make solar-system installation and maintenance easy on roofers, solar photo voltaic integrator, and the industry owners.

Industry can get depreciation benefit also by installing solar rooftop or ground mounted solar systems.

  • Multi- PERC technology with high efficiency.
  • Excellent low light & long wavelength.
  • Highest area efficiency in it’s class
  • Resistant to PID (85 Degrees Centigrade, Humidity , 168 Hours @ – 1000V)
  • 27 years of linear performance warranty
  • Also available in black